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Is The Sims 2 a stand-alone or an add on pack?
It's first entirely new stand-alone version in four years, since the original launched in 2000.

When is The Sims 2 coming out?
The game is slated to release in early spring 2004.

What are the PC system requirements?
Check out the System Requirements to learn more.

How will aging of the Sims go?
Players will guide their Sims' lives as they grow up. You will be able to guide them thru key life phases including baby, toddler, child, teen, adult and seniors. In The Sims 2, actions will have repercussions, and decisions made when your Sim is a toddler, child or teen will affect their life choices and ultimate happiness as an adult. As your Sims age, they will collect a variety of memories over the course of their lives that shape who they are.

How long will each lifespan be?
Each Sim lifespan will progress thorough six different stages: infant, toddler, child, teen, adult and elder. As Sims age into elders, they will live long enough to experience their grandkids growing up. The exact time table, in game time, has not been finalized.

I own The Sims and expansion packs for The Sims. Will any of the expansion packs for The Sims work with The Sims 2?
No, The Sims 2 is an entirely new version, based on the original game. There will be new expansion packs for The Sims 2.

Will players be able to create content for Sims 2?
Yes, absolutely. We've already been working on a special stand-alone Sim creator tool for players to make their own content before the game ships. The free, downloadable tool will be released on our website in December.

What types of objects are there for Sims of different ages?
We are working on a variety of objects that are appropriate for Sims of different ages. For example toddlers will have special toys, including xylophone, teddy bear and building blocks.

Will there be cheat codes just like the original version and the expansion packs?
The Sims 2 will have cheat codes, but we anticipate that they will be new.

Will there be a community area in the game or will we have to wait for an expansion pack?
In The Sims 2 you'll be able to take your Sims to an all new community neighborhood that's separate from the residential neighborhood. At this point we're planning on letting you take your Sims to this community area to go grocery shopping or purchase clothing.

Will the Newbies and Goths be in The Sims 2?
Yes, of course. It wouldn't be a Sims game without them.

What is the maximum number of Sims in a household?
There will be a total of eight in each household to keep it manageable for the player.

What will the neighborhoods look like?
The neighborhoods in The Sims 2 will be much richer and more customizable. You'll be able to import your own sculpted territories from SimCity 4 to shape the landscape of neighborhoods in The Sims 2. When you are in a lot, you will not see the grey background like in the first version of The Sims.

Will there be divorces?
Yes, the Sims will be able to get divorced.

Will teens be able to "play?"
No, but adults and elders will be able to play. However, there will be unique social options for each age, including teens.

Will Sims know which room is theirs, and not sleep in their parents room, and parent sleep in the kids room?
They will not initially automatically know to sleep in their own bed but you will be able to teach them to.

What build and buy mode objects can be placed in diagonal walls?
You can place windows and doors in diagonal walls. At this time we are still exploring the details around other objects.

Will Sims of same gender be able to be married?
Yes, they will.

Part 2 Added on 1.22.04

Will separate families be able to live together?
Yes, youll be able to create households of Sims living together that are not genetically related to one another. Create anything from a sorority house to a commune or a retirement home to a bachelor pad! You can also create a huge extended family household all under one roof, including grandparents, parents, kids, and various relatives such as aunts, uncles and cousins.

How many floors can a house have?
In The Sims 2, buildings will have three stories. In addition, there will be the ability to build a rooftop floor.

Will kids and teenagers be able to have sleepovers?
Yes, you can invite Sims to stay over for a slumber party, complete with junk food and ghost stories.

Will we be able to do more interactions with babies besides sing, feed, and play? If so, what are some of them?
There will be a lot of special social interactions for babies beyond singing, feeding and playing with them. Your Sims will be able to teach their babies to walk and talk. Adult Sims can toss the babies up in the air and catch them safely. Plus, the babies will need to be changed, bathed and put to sleep. Sometimes, a baby will surprise everyone and toddle over to play in the toilet on their very own.

How will the careers be different in The Sims 2?
Weve made several changes to the career game. First, as your Sims progress though their career tracks, they will have access to different clothes to show off their career levels. In addition, if they make it to the top, not only will they have styling new threads, but they'll also unlock a special career object. Your Sims will also now have weekends with some time off from work to spend a little more time at home with their family and friends. Finally, teenage and elder Sims will have different career choices from adult Sims.

Are there any new types of deaths?
Yes, in The Sims 2 your Sims will now die of old age.

How much detail will there be for big life events?
In The Sims 2, big life moments will have a lot more texture and detail compared to the original Sims. For example, when your Sim gets married or abducted by aliens there will be in-game cinematics and special effects that bring that event vividly to life and effectively emphasize the drama.

Will they able to do laundry?
We dont plan on letting Sims do their laundry in The Sims 2. Why is everyone so fixated with laundry?

If one Sim is involved with another Sim and then has and affair and gets pregnant by that other Sim, will the first Sim that they were seriously involved with know that it isn't their baby when it's born?
Yes, there is the possibility that Sims will have affairs and their indiscretions will be revealed.

How will move outs occur?
When Sims move out they will take all the objects they own with them. Those will then be available to them in their new dwelling.



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