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April has been an exciting month for The Sims 2 team as we prepare to head to the biggest show of the year in interactive entertainment: the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. Every year, tens of thousands head to Los Angeles to witness the latest advances, marvels, and flat-out gorgeous eye candy that the industry has to offer.

The Sims 2 is set to make a splash at this year's E3, with new videos, a massive mural of characters waiting to greet entrants, animated billboards, and demos ready to show off new features. The team will be showing off some truly realistic Sims, as they guide each Sim through life with a purpose and experience their big life moments. We'd love to reveal more, but plans are top secret; you'll have to tune in for the next issue to see. In the meantime, we'll let you have an inside look at some Sims starring in this year's E3.

See some E3 Sims.





The Sims 2 Body Shop was released for closed beta testing last month, and the custom content craze has not stopped! if you're just checking in, The Sims 2 Body Shop is an independent tool that will let you customize each individual part of a Sim, then mix and match those parts to create a totally unique Sim.

We've been receiving awesome screenshots of some of our fans' creations, and expect to see tons more once the tool becomes downloadable next month. Some of our artists spent time cranking out their own fashion statements, so click below to see some Maxis-style Sims.

See Maxoid fashion on the catwalk.



Maxis has been hard at work on making The Sims 2 shine for E3 2004. When we're not polishing this game to perfection, we're still busy moving into our new home at EA Redwood Shores, EA's international headquarters. The halls are decked, the dust has settled, and our Sim sense of style is now a permanent fixture on the EA campus. We took some pics of our new workspace to show you all where the magic happens.

Maxis arrives at EA Redwood Shores!

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