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Lucy Bradshaw Letter: 4/24/04

Spring is in the air, Earth Day is upon us, and the lesser known Landscape Architects Day is happening as well! On top of that, it's a gorgeous Californian April outside. I keep catching my team looking wistfully outside, blinking curiously at the sun, knowing that they must spend their day indoors, working on making The Sims 2 absolutely perfect. We suffer for you, people!

Fortunately for us, we can approximate fun in the sun, pay tribute to all that is green and verdant, and tip our hats to Landscape Architects everywhere right from the comfort of our workstations, using the new landscape architecture options found in The Sims 2. In the upcoming sequel, you can show off your virtual green-thumb by building anything from a classic English garden to a ruggedly beautiful Southwestern style lot, to a serene Japanese Zen garden, and all manner in between. These living creations now attract butterflies and bees, and need tending and upkeep to keep plants from wilting and dying, just like in real life.
Again, mimicking the real world, your garden will need to be kept free of weeds, and all your plants will need an occasional trimming, lest it become a topiary nightmare. Gardens don't just stop there, though - add a naturalistic pond or lake to your lot, complete with transparent water that darkens according to depth. Top off your little slice of heaven with tons of new deck options from which your Sims can relax and enjoy their natural surroundings.

New Neighborhood design and landscape options let you completely customize the look your neighborhoods in The Sims 2. New landscape decorations include popular trees like Joshua Trees, Scrub Oaks, or hedge and tree rows. Plop down new landmarks from aqueducts to parking lots, windmills to radio dishes. You can even witness new special effects and options such as hot air ballons, sailboats, waterfalls, farm fields and hang gliders.




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