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I run this site by my self. My name is Max. If you want to contact me go to the contact page. Here is some basic history of The Sims 2 Unleashed.

The Sims 2 Unleashed originally started at in early January 2004. The Website design was not slick enough and it was too template looking. We wanted something bigger and better so we moved to free servers. Unfortunately it also didn't have as much as we were looking for. Although it was a step up from free webs it didn't get us as upscale as we wanted to get. So then we made our last to tripod. As you can see from our website it just as upscale as we could ask.

We are a non-profit organization created to give you cool fan site to hang out at. So please thank us by advertising for our site on your site or tell your friend about us. More info on Links Page. Please do not abuse our privileges and all the information and photos are  Sims 2 Unleashed.

Contact me at the contact page.



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